After nearly 5 years of sports betting without any profit I started to read some articels about sports betting. I soon realized, that I have no chance to beat the bookie and gain some profit without doing some statistical analysis.

As a DWH architect and Certified Data Vault 2.0 Practitioner I formed a concept of an analytical system, which does all that statistical stuff automated.

In this blog I will show you some possibilities to build such an analytical system. I want to explain the technical part, how to collect data from web, model and analyse this data. I will also take a look at different aspects of sports betting and which predictive models could be used to beat a bookie.

As I am really addicted to football and especially to the german Bundesliga, I will mainly focus on predicting football matches. But football is a game, which is really hard to predict and so I will also take a look at other sports.

If you are interested, you can follow this blog and also my twitter account. I will try to post frequently some interessting stuff.



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