What is BeatTheBookie data service?

The BeatTheBookie blog was the idea to share my knowledge and findings about my sports analytics and sports model hobby. The BeatTheBookie data service is now the idea to also share the results of my hobby.

End of 2020 I started moving all my development into the AWS cloud. This was not only driven by the will to automate my whole infrastructure, but also to create the base of a public data service. Something like this would not be possible, if all calculations would still be done on my laptop.

The BeatTheBookie data service is a public data service, which can be used by anybody. It’s not my intention to earn money with the service. The service will provide historic and future predictions for multiple leagues based on different models. Everybody working with the data is welcome to provide suggestions to improve and develop the service.


The provided predictions WILL NOT ensure an edge over the bookies. As shown in the different pick histories and analysed in different blog posts, the provided data should be used as an indicator, not a blind bet selection.

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