BeatTheBookie data service endpoints

This site provides you a list all available BeatTheBookie data service endpoints, what data is provided and which parameters have to be provided.

Update 2020/07/27

The data service contains now the 2. Bundesliga and the Big5 for the ZIP model. The next step will be to listen for the first reviews and extend it with the service with a Understat model.



The endpoint provides data of my good old ZIP Poisson model.

modepred“pred” – provides predictions for next matches
“hist” – provides historic matches including predictions
divisionno default (mandatory)“2. Bundesliga”, “Serie A”, “La Liga”, “Bundesliga”, “Ligue 1”, “Premier League”

It returns the match facts as well as the predictive features (e.g. attack / defence strength) for the teams as well as differt market predictions.

    "division_id": "a355facc87c038e88972f99b7c6d388b",
    "division": "2. Bundesliga",
    "season_id": "a290f895d08db6bb30a573aedf784bad",
    "season": "2021_2022",
    "match_date": "2021-08-01",
    "match_teams": "Erzgebirge Aue - St Pauli",
    "home_team_id": "85a7e0e269f59e495ff35ebae520a3fd",
    "home_team": "Erzgebirge Aue",
    "away_team_id": "a34346a46ada46edcae15a6944c3920e",
    "away_team": "St Pauli",
    "home_attacking_strength": 1.09,
    "home_defence_strength": 1.11,
    "away_attacking_strength": 0.88,
    "away_defence_strength": 1.23,
    "home_expected_goals": 2.2,
    "away_expected_goals": 1.3,
    "home_win_prob": 0.5793,
    "draw_prob": 0.2032,
    "away_win_prob": 0.2176,
    "under_15_prob": 0.1508,
    "over_15_prob": 0.8492,
    "under_25_prob": 0.3425,
    "over_25_prob": 0.6575

Following divisions and seasons are provided via the endpoint:

DivisionPredictive scopeHistoric scope
2. BundesligaUpcoming 1-2 matchdaysSince 2008/09
BundesligaUpcoming 1-2 matchdays Since 2008/09
Premier League Upcoming 1-2 matchdays Since 2008/09
Serie AUpcoming 1-2 matchdays Since 2008/09
La LigaUpcoming 1-2 matchdays Since 2008/09
Ligue 1Upcoming 1-2 matchdays Since 2008/09