BeatTheBookieApp – Model predictions

The BeatTheBookie App is a web data app that provides me with predictions for all models that have demonstrated their performance throughout the history of my blog. As it has already been proven, there is no single best model for all divisions. Therefore, I wanted to be able to compare predictions, as each model takes into account different aspects of past performance. The result is the model predictions dashboard.

The model predictions dashboard provides probabilities for all upcoming matches. The data is refreshed at least once per week, especially in the case of matches taking place within a week in specific divisions.

The predicted odds for the match results (home-win, draw, and away-win) make it easy to compare the models with the provided prices at the chosen Bookie. However, I still find it challenging to immediately identify the percentage difference between two models based on the odds. As a solution, the predictions are also represented as probabilities.

model predictions dashboard

The following filters are available on the dashboard:

The date filter acts as a pre-filter, displaying only upcoming matches for a specific date. By default, the current date is selected, which is convenient for daily betting routines.

The division filter allows you to narrow down the number of matches displayed. You can choose a specific division to focus on.

This filter allows you to select a particular match for which you want to see the predictions.

Since not every model may be relevant for a specific division, the multi-select box offers the flexibility to show more or fewer model predictions. You can choose which models you want to include in the displayed predictions, tailoring the information to your preferences.

If you have further questions, feel free to leave a comment or contact me @Mo_Nbg.

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