BeatTheBookieApp – Model performance

The BeatTheBookie App is a web-based data application that grants me access to predictions generated by various models that have proven their performance over time on my blog. However, determining which model to utilize for a specific match can be challenging. Thankfully, the model performance dashboard offers the solution to this dilemma. By exploring the dashboard, I gain valuable insights into the theoretical performance of the different models in past scenarios. This information aids me in selecting the most suitable model for each match, increasing the chances of making informed betting decisions.

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BeatTheBookieApp – Model predictions

The BeatTheBookie App is a web data app that provides me with predictions for all models that have demonstrated their performance throughout the history of my blog. As it has already been proven, there is no single best model for all divisions. Therefore, I wanted to be able to compare predictions, as each model takes into account different aspects of past performance. The result is the model predictions dashboard.

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