Overcome your confirmation bias (guest blog)

When you follow my twitter account, you may have noticed, since several month I started also writing blogs and articles for other platforms. Even so these are most of the time not about sports betting, I thought it would be a good idea, to share them also via my blog and also share some thoughts about the topics as the main message is often the same: Get the most out of your data!

My latest blog is called “Overcome your confirmation bias”. This one was inspired by my experience as a sports bettor and in business. At the beginning I, maybe as many others, started as a typical recreational punter. It was just for fun. But I already recognized something important: The more excited I got – because of a team, a winning streak or whatever – the worse my results got. Later Joseph Buchdahl provided me the explanation: I was a victim of my cognitive biases in my decision making process.

And during my days in business I also recognized, that these biases not only influence a sports bettor. Every dicision making process can be biased. That’s why, I want to provide an idea to overcome this problem: Get your decision making process data-driven!



Exasol Blog – Overcome your confirmation bias



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